We believe that design should reflect the harmony of aesthetics and functionality. Our projects are, therefore, well-thought-out and unique.

For over 15 years, with real commitment, we have been offering comprehensive services in the area of design, production and assembling of interior design elements and visual identification.
We have implemented numerous customized projects for prestigious hotels, restaurants andshopping malls in several countries.
Our expertise and passion are at your fingertips.

Our services

  • Design


    The foundation for the execution of a unique, bespoke project is a thorough understanding of the Client’s needs and expectations as well as close cooperation every step of the way. Our team of over a dozen designers and technologists with great care and commitment perform the feasibility study and develop detailed technical documentation which will help turn an idea into reality. 

    We prepare the conceptual design, workshop drawings, production and assembly drawings, and as-built documentation.

  • Production


    The DNA team, with their broad knowledge and experience, can meet expectations of the most demanding Clients ensuring quality, timeliness and service at the highest level.

    The production process consists of the following stages:
    - determining the technology which suits the design best
    - production with the use of our machine park
    - post-production
    - quality control
    - P&H for the shipment

  • Transport and assembly


    We provide full service in terms of the transport to and assembling of our products at any location.
    We use our installers team who make sure that the assembly is fast, professional and performed with particular attention to quality.

Our clients
& partners

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